Theory of Groups of Finite Order

William Burnside
Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge
Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich


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Title: Theory of Groups of Finite Order
Author: William Burnside
Release Date: Aug 2, 2012 [EBook #40395]
Language: English
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I.On Substitutions.9
II.The Deļ¬nition of a Group.43
III.On the Simpler Properties of a Group which are Independent of its Mode of Representation.83
IV.On Abelian Groups.145
V.On Groups Whose Orders Are the Powers of Primes.199
VI.On Sylow’s Theorem.297
VII.On the Composition-Series of Group.371
VIII.On Substitution-Groups: Transitive and Intransitive Groups.431
IX.On Substitution Groups: Primitive and Imprimitive Groups.521
X.On Substitution Groups: Transitivity and Primitivity: (Concluding Properties.)581
XI.On the Isomorphism of a Group with Itself.637
XII.On the Graphical Representation of Group1.729
XIII.On the Graphical Representation of Groups: Groups of Genus Zero and Unity: Cayley’s Colour Groups.809
XIV.On the Linear Group2.909
XV.On Soluble and Composite Groups.995